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List of Majors - Philadelphia Performing Arts High School

The following are the list of majors:

(All information is subject to change.)

Instrumental Music
The Instrumental Music majors develop an understanding of fundamental music concepts that include style, form, theory, and composition.  The Instrumental Faculty embrace the individuality of the students’ talents and offer the students opportunities to express their musical styling both in class and on stage.  Through courses in music history, instrumental majors compare and contrast social, ethnic, and cultural influences on music, which in turn provides students with a rich cultural background to help them form personal choices in performing and selecting music from all historic periods.  Instrumental majors play a vast repertoire of music from classical to modern orchestral compositions, and often perform with the Vocal majors in school concerts.     


Vocal Music
The Vocal Music program, which is based on National and Pennsylvania State standards for music education, offers courses in music theory, production and composition with a strong emphasis on performance.  Courses enhance the student’s ability to identify components of musical sound and produce original arrangements in a creative and innovative fashion. Core courses as well as electives, such as music history and digital sound, expose students to a wide array of musical genres and styles across cultures and time periods.  Vocal majors become members of the high school’s Concert Choir, where they have many opportunities to perform and compete throughout the year.


The goal of the Ballet program is to develop technically sound, artistically conscious, and stylistically versatile dancer-artists.  The curriculum is centered on Classical Ballet with an emphasis on establishing strong classroom technique and performance ability.  Technique classes for female students include pointe work, and all students participate in partnering class, which enhances the ballet major’s ability to perform classical repertoire and contemporary pieces.  Students are assessed on technique facility, classroom etiquette, and performance, as well as an understanding of dance terminology and history.  In addition to studying choreography and creating their own work, ballet majors regularly attend Pennsylvania Ballet’s performances and have the opportunity to audition for Pennsylvania Ballet’s The Nutcracker.      


Theatre majors learn to create, perform, analyze, and critique dramatic performances.  Majors have the opportunity to take courses that study a wide variety of genres within classical theatre, film, television, and electronic media productions.  The Faculty promotes a fusion of talent and skill, and they provide careful, personal attention to the development and goals of each student.  Major courses offer instruction and practice in acting, vocalization, movement, technical theatre, directing, and film and television appreciation.  Theatre majors develop research skills and learn to utilize all available resources to analyze and produce dramatic works.  The department strongly emphasizes the importance of artistic collaboration and promotes an awareness of theatre’s cultural context. 


Language majors have the opportunity to study one or multiple languages through a variety of courses that focus on linguistics, morphology, phonetics, phonology, semantics, sociolinguistics, syntax, and typology.  Through these courses, students cultivate language skills in composition and conversation at an advanced level.  Electives in cultural studies expose students to a more global understanding of the language they study.  Faculty within this major strive to offer students a worldly experience to increase an awareness of and a positive attitude towards diversity and worldwide cultures.  


Digital Design & Communication Arts
The Digital Design & Communication Arts major incorporates the use of visual arts and creative writing to communicate ideas as well as to express concepts and information visually and in a captivating way.  The curriculum ensures students develop a foundation in design fundamentals through courses in web and interaction design, photography, drawing and more.  The courses within this major equip students with technical skills and aesthetic sensibilities and promote creative problem-solving necessary to thrive in the field of digital media and production.  Faculty within this major stress the importance of not only decorating the product, but also conceptualizing the idea. 


Innovations in Science and Technology
Students in the Innovations in Science and Technology major choose to focus on either Life Sciences & Biotechnology or Computer & Information Systems.  Students learn to think critically, conduct analyses, and integrate insights from different fields that impact the scientific community.  Faculty in this major emphasize the scientific process through core courses and subdisciplinary electives.  These courses prepare students for professional careers in healthcare, teaching, consulting, research, field studies, life sciences, biotechnology, engineering, software development, and information systems.   

(All information is subject to change.) 








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Dear Parents, Families, and Students,

These are exciting times as the String Theory School District's new high school will open September 2013!
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